Saturday, March 19, 2011

Working out the kinks.....

It could be the rebel in me (quit laughing Dad!) or that I've been trying not to focus on how many days I have left.  I can't make myself count the days.

So, I'm going to try a different approach.

My baby and I were able to be extras in the film!!!  Our exciting day began by dressing in our "zombie clothes" that we made the night before.  We used coffee grounds, sand paper and scissors to distress thrift store finds. Then we drove to the abandoned building that was being used for filming. 

We were given a "zombie class" where we were taught how to move and make the appropriate zombie noises.  The most important rule was given by the zombie wrangler: "Do not say "brains"! If you do, at that moment the films turns into a comedy."  After being given undead make up and lots of fake blood, we were ready for filming.

When we had a break for lunch we made a run to McDonald's.  After spending several hours in our zombie make up and seeing everyone around us in it we kind of forgot what we looked like!  Several weird looks, crying babies and one suggestion to wear more sunblock later, we hurried back to the set. 

I had explained that she needed to be on her best behavior and listen carefully do the director.  She did great!  After the first scene she looked at me and said "that was easy, can we do it again?"  At the end of the day, she and another little girl were placed in the front of a zombie mob attacking a person.  The girls were very serious about their roles.  When the director yelled cut, the scary little zombies erupted in a fit of giggles.  The man they were attacking wanted to know who had bit his leg.  Neither one would fess up!  Is that what they mean by method acting?

My baby now wants to be an actress. Just ask her and she'll reply (in an odd Russian accent): "I have a future in movies."

I love what this experience did for my baby!  At the beginning of the day I sat a timid little girl in the make up chair and she was questioning if she really wanted to do this.  At the end of the day  I saw her turn and growl at a guy in full bloody zombie get-up that tried to sneak up and scare her.  We both stepped out of our comfort zones and had an experience we will never forget.

I have a ton of wonderful pictures, but I can't show you any of them!  We were allowed to take photos, but we can't post any online until after the film is released.  The film, "Z", is being created by the wonderful people at Tempest Entertainment.  You can see trailers for other films on their channel on YouTube:

Thank you sooo much to Tempest Entertainment for letting us be involved in their project and to my friend Meghan for telling us about this fun opportunity.

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  1. So proud of you both! Cannot wait to see the movie and your acting debut! I have done some extra work in movies in the past, and know that it can be a long day from makeup until the end of shooting. Sounds like "your baby" enjoyed the experience and pulled it off like a professional actress! I am sure she is right...she may very well have a "future in the movies!" Have a wonderful day! We are are enjoying your blog so far! Keep blogging! Love xoxo Kim