Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3

Getting in the groove!! (if you repeat it enough it's true, right?)

We had our regularly scheduled Skype calls today.  Who ever invented Skype should get the Nobe Peace Prize or Sainthood!  It is absolutely amazing that my hubby can be half way around the word and I can still have him back me up in the discipline department!  Daddy might be scary over the phone, but it's even better when our baby can see him.

Hubby and I are lucky enough to be able to talk twice a day- at night I call him before going to bed and he's getting up for work and in the morning he calls us when he's getting home from work.  It's not like having him here, but it's a schedule and it keeps me sane.

Now to get back on track with the housework.  While he was home I kind of winged it so things aren't so great.  Time to pull out my Control Journal and actually read the daily emails from Fly Lady.  If you're not familiar with Fly Lady take a look at  It's a great site that helps you get your life and house in order.  I know my house will be sparkly clean if I stick to the plan, now  just have to get off my butt and do it!

In more exciting news: the baby and I might be in a movie!!!  An old friend of mine posted on Face Book that a movie she is in needs extras.  I'm waiting to find out the details and see I can bring my baby along.  When I asked if she'd be interested she replied "Why am I just now finding out that you know famous people? What else are you hiding?" 

She cracks me up!  It makes me want to tell her I was a secret agent before she was born...

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