Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maybe she does listen!

I try to practice a "talk early, talk often" parenting style.  I'm hoping if I say the same thing several times in different ways, some of it might stick.

I think it might be working!  This is what I found on my nine year old's hand after school today:

I'm not trying to create a male hating little person. (eventually, a long long time from now, I would like grandchildren)  I just want her to focus on education and to save her from some of the heart ache I experienced in school.  

I've explained that the reason to date is to find someone to marry, and until your ready to get married there is no reason to date.  I didn't think she'd really listen.  I was just hoping for a few extra years before we were dealing with boys.

When I asked about her hand she gave me this explanation: "I want to get married when I'm thirty.  So, I will start dating when I'm twenty eight.  That will give me two years to find a good man."

Sounds very logical to me.  We'll see how the next few years go.  I will be keeping this picture on hand as a reminder.  I might even put it on the refrigerator.....

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  1. Ahhh---so cute a posting! Love the little photo. Isn't it great that "your baby" is growing up in a time when girls can do anything!
    So proud of her and all her accomplishments. I see a great future for her! xoxo (((hugs))) Kim