Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 1

(actually yesterday, stay with me!)


Next time I will have a list. 

A nice little list of all the things I will not do on the day he leaves.  The only one I knew from last time was to drop him off instead of going into the airport (it's impossible to carry a crying 9 year old who's almost your size). 

Next time I won't wear mascara, that way when I cry in the restaurant I can avoid that raccoon look. 

We made it home with as little drama as possible.  My baby immediately transformed into a creature that possibly needed an exorcism!  All of the crazy mood swings and bad behavior I expected during the last deployment were condensed into a lovely 30 minutes. 

When her head finally stopped spinning she requested one of the two things she will demand for dinner- split pea soup (oddly appropriate for the situation!) 

Her other highly requested meal is Swedish meatballs, though she will never say mine are as good as the ones from Ikea.

I'm going to settle in for a sleepless night.  The travel to and from is always the longest stretch with no contact.  I will be so happy when I can talk to my honey!

(Oh, and I'm now taking suggestions for things to add to my list.)


  1. Congratulations on your blog! What a great way to document your journey. I look forward to reading your blog each day! I salute all those spouses who are waiting for their loved ones due to military obligations or working away. Love, Kim xoxo

  2. Thank you Kim! Your love and support mean so much to me.